IAG’s core value is focusing on our client's specific goals and objectives.

When you select IAG to manage your property, you are selecting an experienced real estate team and partner, fully licensed by the California Department of Real Estate that can provide the following quality real estate management services:

Commercial and multi-family real estate management that takes a systematic and analytical approach to revenues, expenses and property management.
Offers 20+ years of collective experience and expertise necessary to develop a sound strategic plan designed to achieve operational and financial objectives, resulting in the best economic results possible.

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No long-term contracts

IAG will NOT lock you into a long term contract. Property management contracts are based on month to month terms to provide you with flexibility and peace of mind so that you as the property owner are always in control.

No Property Management Set-up Fees For Smaller Assets.

For smaller assets (Multi-family less than 10 units and Commercial less than 10,000 sq ft), IAG does not charge property management set-up fees.

I.A.G. will ensure your goals and objectives are met and will be in sync with you every step of the way.

IAG understands communication is a vital key to success. IAG’s management staff will ensure your goals and objectives are clearly understood and identified. After understanding your goals, IAG will collaborate with you to increase revenues, reduce expenses and maximize property performance.

Highly detailed monthly reporting and property updates.

IAG prides itself on client communications. Whether you are interested in receiving collection and/or occupancy/vacancy updates, you dictate when, the frequency and how updates are received. IAG’s monthly reporting format is second to none in the industry. From operational to financial information, monthly property reports include highly detailed information. Owner reports are delivered no later than the 15th of the month for the preceding month. Please request a sample of IAG’s monthly financial/operating report to see firsthand why clients praise IAG in their approach to financial reporting.

Unprecedented cancellation policy

Dissatisfied with IAG’s services after 3 months? Cancel and IAG will refund you 50% of the paid management fees.

High quality staff training

IAG constantly monitors landlord/tenant laws. Property supervisors, leasing specialists, resident managers and accounting staff are consistently up to date in their respective training.

Fair and competitive pricing.

IAG's pricing is fair and competitive for the highest quality services provided.

Owner’s portal access

Our clients have access to their unique owner's portal providing around the clock access to monthly reporting and important property documents. Whether you want to have monthly operating reports uploaded or even tenant leases, IAG will ensure unlimited access to any requested property documents. A username and password will be provided for access.

Access to your property bank account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

IAG will enable you to view your property bank account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Log on and view your bank account to see your rents being deposited and expenses being paid.

The services described are not inclusive of all services provided to property owners. The specific services provided to property owners will be set forth in our Commercial/Residential Management Agreement. The terms of this Agreement supersede any conflicting services/information provided herein.